Final Post?

Perhaps this is the end for “The One Stop Mom and Pop Guitar Shop” blog. My semester is coming to an end and my full time job as a welder starts again. It’s been an absolute blast talking to so many unique and interesting people! Perhaps in coming months I’ll make posts, few and far between, regarding my adventures in guitar this summer. Perhaps I’ll start another blog just talking the about gear and equipment (or toys).

Me noodling a bit on Cobain’s “Gramps” guitar. Also was used on Nirvana’s “Nevermind” tour.

I’ve learned so much these past few months about blogging, since this was my first blog, and about local guitar shops and their struggles to keep their heads above water. Each and every interview, gallery, video, or audio post taught me more about journalism than I could ever get in a class room.

I can’t thank enough the individuals who’ve taken time to contribute here. Here’s a shout out to Larry Kulp, Aaron Barbarics, Stefan, Jay Milley, Birgitta Haller, Oscar Harryson and all the members of Billy Momo, and Jason Ahner and Rory from Martin Guitars.

I hope to give all of you more to read and see in the future. Thank you all for stopping by!


One thought on “Final Post?

  1. Sad to hear you’re leaving. And thank you for putting Oscar and Birgitta up for interviews! It was great fun. Just let us know when you’re on the roll again. We love reading about nerdy stuff! All the boys from Billy Momo


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