Gallery post from my visit to SJ Music

This past Friday I visited SJ Music in Turnersville. Due to a miscommunication with the owner, I showed up 10 minutes before closing time, and didn’t have time for the interview, which I’ll now be conducting tomorrow. There were no other people in the shop at the time which granted me a unique opportunity to photograph the instruments and the store in whatever way I please.

This Silvertone 1423 greeted me as i walked in the front door. It’s retro design is a callback to the late 50’s era in guitar design.

Every guitar has its own voice. The language it speaks changes with the hands that hold it.
The “Offset” Marshall 1W is a smaller reproduction of the original JTM45. A more modern version of the 45 is sitting in my bedroom.
Each of these guitars are copies of the Fender Stratocaster. Though they are made by various companies, the uniformity is a callback to tradition.

As made famous by John Lee Hooker, the Epiphone Sheraton II is a modern classic. Notice the wood grain, the gold hardware, and the faux tortoise shell guard .
The Gibson Les Paul with the popular “Flamed Top”. The stain and finish beautifully accent the naturally occurring flame stripes in the wood grain.
Some prefer less conventional guitar like this acrylic bodied guitar.
The store is attached the Volume Cafe and owned by the same fellow.

Following our interview tomorrow, should there be patrons willing to stop, I’ll add more pictures of the regulars of SJ Music. Thank Jay and his staff for allowing me full rein to take photos.


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