My Reasons for this Blog

Back in 2011 I received my first guitar. A friend of the family had heard me playing my trumpet, because I was a marching band kid, and decided I needed to have a guitar instead. It was a 1965 “Trump” brand Korean made classical guitar. Worth about $25 used.

Never was able to find out much about it

A year later I met a new friend named Jack. And he had an electric guitar! It was so cool to me at the time. He could play “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple, and a couple AC/DC songs. So I begged and begged my parents for my first electric guitar for Christmas. And I got it!

My first guitar and my favorite strap

Next I needed an amp. So I went to my local music store, Woodstown Music. There I found this cheap little amp called a spider, and I met the owner for the first time. I saved up my money from my part time job and was ready to hand over the $120 on the price tag right away, but he stopped me. He asked if I had played it yet, and I hadn’t. He knew I had never played electric guitar before, so he gently handed me one off of his wall and plugged it in.

After walking me through how it all worked and the sounds, I tried again to pay him. Turned down again.

It was right after Christmas time, and he said to me, “You know, this time of year I try to be more negotiable on the prices. What do you want to pay for it?” I was taken aback, I had never haggled over a price before. My first instinct was to start low, so I offered $80. “Okay, sold” he said.


Ever since that day I try to buy all my gear from him. In my experience there aren’t many people that will support a beginner coming into music like that. So seeking them out for others could give young musicians the chance they need to pursue their love. Now that’s not the direct mission statement from this blog, but if it turn into the result for even one person, that’d be pretty cool.

I just like guitar stores, and they people that work there are really fun to talk to. All this from my hobby.


3 thoughts on “My Reasons for this Blog

  1. Love this. I like that the focus is on guitar stores specifically rather than just guitars. If you haven’t definitely check out Russo Music in Asbury Park. They have great stuff and the staff is really cool.


  2. I like your layout and your passion for the beat you have chosen. The visuals are very appropriate, and you seem to know how you want to approach your beat. It’s evidently personal, and that’s good. One thing I will look forward to is seeing more information on those guitar shops and locations you mentioned. Best of luck!

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